Sep 13

How And When Did NASCAR Begin?

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How And When Did NASCAR Begin? That-s an interesting question with an equally interesting answer. NASCAR began from the result of hard financial times during the early 1940-s when mountain and country folks turned to making Moonshine to sell for their income. Self employment that came with a risk because making moonshine was illegal due to prohibition.

For those that were brave enough to make the clear, fiery liquid that stole your breath away with every sip, swig, and swallow there had to be a speed demon behind the wheel of the delivery vehicle that was capable of out running the law. Moonshine runners and the police alike put their hearts and souls into having the fastest vehicle. The moonshiners also known as bootleggers, needed to be quick to deliver, but even quicker to stay ahead of the law, which meant the law needed faster police vehicles to keep up with and apprehend the moonshiners.

Racing across dirt roads at speeds most others wouldn-t dare take stirred a fever in those that craved the need to drive fast, that didn-t require out running the law, with the first sanctioned official NASCAR race held at Dayton Beach, Florida in February, 1948.Take a look here to learn more: South Carolina Distillery to Legally Produce Moonshine

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